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For 4 to 10 years

Medicine Box

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Playing doctor and patient has always been a favorite game amongst children across generations. This box includes books about Muslim scientists who pioneered the field of Medicine and a small encyclopedia about the human body for kids. 

These are the titles included in the box:

- الزهراوي (أبو الجراحة)

- ابن سينا (خبير في الطب وعلم التشريح)

- انظر داخل جسمك

Role play is never complete without a costume and we didn't want less than a real stethoscope so that our little ones can hear a real heartbeat. The stethoscope comes in 3 fun colors you can choose from: blue, pink, and yellow. The box also includes a white lab coat to complete the look (height: 65cm). 

Arabic books about Medicine for children, Muslim scientists


Do you ship internationally?

At the moment, we only ship to the United Arab Emirates. 

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We only accept online payments. 

Can I get a refund?

Our boxes are non-refundable.