The Bookshelf is an Emirati brand founded by a mother of two. Our mission is to instill the love of reading in our society and prepare a generation that is ready to lead, innovate, and pioneer.

Our dream is to build a society that is self-sufficient, a society that exports to the world instead of importing, a society that exports culture, science, technology, and much more. We firmly believe that this will not be achieved in a society that does not read. 

At The Bookshelf, we provide parents with the best books for their children monthly. They can rest assured that the content of these books is suitable for our very diverse and tolerant society in the Emirates. We would love to take that burden away from parents so that they focus on bonding with their children through reading.

I started The Bookshelf because every child deserves to be raised around books and have compassionate parents who read to them at bedtime. The Bookshelf is an Emarati brand built with a lot of passion and love; for reading, for our children, for our diverse community, for our young but marvelous country. Our vision is to help parents raise strong-willed and independent individuals; Game Changers.

- Nada, Founder & CEO